Integration of Spring Security into Grails – Spring approach

In the last post of the security layer we decided to integrate Spring Domain Object Security the ‘Spring Way’ into our Grails application. This means that I tried to integrate the security concept without implementing or enhancing Grails or the acegi security plugin. Testable functionality was provided by the contact sample application of Spring Security. This was achieved by using a plain spring configuration file which was referenced from grails-app/config/spring/resources.xml

As we planned to use MySQL as our datasource several changes had to be done to the default configuration. First I needed to provide a different database schema which luckily could be found on Jim Bernatowicz’ Website. Apart from this the identity queries of Spring’s JdbcMutableAclService had to be adapted like this to support MySQL:

<bean id="aclService" class="org.springframework.security.acls.jdbc.JdbcMutableAclService">
    <constructor-arg ref="dataSource"/>
    <constructor-arg ref="lookupStrategy"/>
    <constructor-arg ref="aclCache"/>
    <property name="classIdentityQuery" value="SELECT @@IDENTITY"/>
    <property name="sidIdentityQuery" value="SELECT @@IDENTITY"/>	

Another problem I faced was that grails run:app threw errors when trying to find some security classes. Strange to say grails run:war worked perfectly. As we did not need grails:run-app functionality I decided to postpone this problem.

Apart from these issues this solution worked, but only for Java classes. An integration of Groovy classes into Spring like http://www.javabeat.net/articles/46-integrating-spring-and-groovy-1.html seemed heavy weighted and cumbersome to me. For this reason and with more Spring Security insight I decided to look deeper into the plugin approach of Stephan February and port it to the version 0.5.1 of the acegi-security plugin which will be part of the next blog post.


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