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File Upload (http)

The PhotoController does now accept multiple file uploads. Currently there is no validation on type/size but this will be done in the next step.

The upload script has been “highjacked” and altered (see the comments in the source) to fit our needs. Files can be selected by one file chooser and will be displayed to be deleted from the upload list if desired.

Since all of this is currently not included in our security framework the next step would be to bring this together.


File Upload Client

The first draft of the upload client is done for now.

It uses the PhotoController exposed as webservice vie xfire. For now, there is no REST employed – so it’s old-fashioned SOAP. This can be changed any time i suppose.

The client is still very prototypish, especially since the gui has been created with a gui builder – it is not quite MVC-like.

Another important thing is the IImagePolicy interface, which will be used in order to have all the Images correspond to certain quality standards which can be format, filesize, type or even content. For this the ImageProcessor uses the checking functions along with the “countermeasures” as defined by the interface. Since this is not quite complete and only meant as a showcase for now it is still quite simple.

The important parameters for the application are to be set up in the ImageUploadClient instance (will be properties or program arguments in the final version).